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Archives Régionales de Plzeň

Archives Régionales de Plzeň

The State Regional Archives in Pilsen (SOA in Pilsen) has jurisdiction over the Bohemian Region, which was established in 1948. The Archive has one headquarters in Pilsen, a branch office in Klášter u Nepomuka, and nine other state district offices falling within the scope of the archives (Domažlice, Cheb, Karlovy Vary, Klatovy, Blovice, Plasy, Rokycany, Sokolov, and Tachov).

Since 2010, The State Regional Archives has owned the i2S CopiBook RGB A2

First Image Archives Régionales de Plzeň
Second Image Archives Régionales de Plzeň

In 2017, due to budgetary reasons, they chose a scanner from a competing company for their branch office in Klášter u Nepomuka. The outcome was that they were dissatisfied with the quality and performance of this competing scanner, especially with the scanner’s option of scanning to V.

In particular, the scanner had no V-shaped pressure glass; and it lacked Metamorfoze Light, ISO 19264-1 and FADGI 3*.

A year later, as part of the renewal of the book scanner, The State Regional Archives announced a new tender and purchased an i2S CopiBook V-shape 2xA2 book scanner, and this solved their quality issues with the competing scanner.  The operator has high praise for the new i2S scanner, particularly for its simple user interface that even employees who are new to working with scanners can easily handle. 

Above all, they conclude that quality of performance, durability and dependability, and ease of use more than offset the initial cost of a high-quality scanner.

Third Image Archives Régionales de Plzeň
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