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IMDC TrueColor

71 MP in real colors without interpolation

The IMDC TrueColor Camera is a 71 megapixel camera per color plane. The color planes are genuinely acquired and no "debayering" interpolation is used, thus making it possible to overcome moiré phenomena.

Based on the latest generation of CMOS sensors, this camera offers exceptional image quality. It is designed for industrial vision, heritage digitization, micro-mechanical applications and digital microscopy applications.

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Image quality

71 megapixels per color plane, without interpolation


CMOS RGB with rolling shutter

Preview mode

Full field of view with a resolution of 2496x1774 pixels at 10fps

Image manager IMDC TrueColor

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    Colores reales, sin interpolación Planos de color separados
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    Interfaz USB 3.0
  • 3

    Resolución muy elevada

    Tecnología TRUE COLOR con 71 Mpx.
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