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Medición del estrés hídrico.

Agronomy players.

First Image Medición del estrés hídrico.
Second Image Medición del estrés hídrico.

Your challenge

You are a player in the agronomy sector and want to measure the hydric status of plants to better implement high-precision irrigation solutions.

Our solution

Precise measurements of hydric stress in real time using the properties of terahertz waves. In effect, the terahertz waves are absorbed by water. Therefore, through the simple use of terahertz imagery, we can evaluate the water content of a plant.

With our terahertz camera, the TZcam, we measure hydric stress.


Fairly calculated irrigation allows to optimize yield and growth of plants. Water stress measurement and evaluation by real-time imaging, optimization of irrigation and better use of water resources.

Third Image Medición del estrés hídrico.
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