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Lucha contra la falsificación.

You are a luxe industry player, spirit industry player...

First Image Lucha contra la falsificación.
Second Image Lucha contra la falsificación.

Your challenge

Whether you want to read information contained in invisible markings embedded in commonly counterfeited coins, illuminate fluorescent tubes or white LEDs

, identify and characterize cells in biology, prevent counterfeit fraud, increase the authentication of your ready-to-wear or haute couture creations with fluorescent ink, increase the white appearance (brighteners) of your white paper or detergents, or locate cancer cells in tumors using labels, we have the solution. 

Our solution

FLUOSENSE®, our fluorescence imaging camera is easily deployable in the field and can solve your problems with agility.
In effect, FLUOSENSE is a testing tool used to validate the benefit of fluorescence imaging in a VISION application. 


Fluorescent imaging solution at an affordable price.
Fast identification of counterfeits.
Integrated system easy to implement.

Third Image Lucha contra la falsificación.
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