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La Universidad Médica de Plovdiv

La Universidad Médica de Plovdiv

"Thanks to the ability to manage multiple storage frames, scanning can be done on the whole format or in several specific areas. The system is managed by the LIMB Capture software interface and allows digitizing documents up to A2+ format"

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At the end of October 2018, the technological infrastructure of the LIC was upgraded with the modern scanner CopiBook Open System for digitization of paper funds by the French company i2S.

The CopiBook OS is fourth generation of the CopiBook range and meets the ISO 19264 image quality guidelines. With its 71 megapixel autofocus camera EAGLE, the scanner creates accurate and quality images. The scanning time is less than 1 second, and the real-time visualization allows instant control of the scaning results

During the test period, before the final acquisition of the scanner, 10 tomes of the scientific journal of the Medical University - Plovdiv - Folia Medica, were digitized. This jurnal  celebrated 60 years since its creation in 2018. The digitized content, with a volume of 3895 pages, covers the period 1959 - 1968 and includes 633 publications.

The LIC of the Medical University of Plovdiv already had an eScan Agate in one of its premises, but now, with the acquisition of this professional system for digitization of book funds the digitalisation studio created in 2013 is upgraded  and the implementation of a sustainable policy for technological development and modernization.

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