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La Biblioteca Nacional "Ivan Vazov"

La Biblioteca Nacional "Ivan Vazov"

The National Library “Ivan Vazov” in Plovdiv is the second largest in Bulgaria and serves as a second national repository of the Bulgarian literature. The library cooperates successfully with a number of Bulgarian and foreign partners involved in cultural activities; with local cultural institutions – Archaeological, Historical and Ethnographic Museums, State Archives, which are associated with the idea for the collection and storage of public memory and cultural heritage. 

The digital center in the Library was created in 2008 as a continuation of a project for the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage and its provision to a wide range of users through digital images of the particularly valuable written documents owned by the library.  

First Image La Biblioteca Nacional "Ivan Vazov"
Second Image La Biblioteca Nacional "Ivan Vazov"

For the fulfillment of these objectives the center is equipped with:

·         i2S Copibook ONYX RGB

·         i2S eScan

·         i2S SupraScan Quartz A0

·         Copibook Cobalt RGB – 4 pcs (incl. scanners in partner organizations)

50 000 objects of the valuable cultural and historical heritage of Plovdiv Municipality; 10% of the digitized objects will be part of the Romany culture.

Within this project the following activities will be conducted:

– Digitization of the existing schemes and their plans or their separate parts;

– Digitization of documents, records and books;

– Digitization of movable cultural heritage- paintings, sculptures, artifacts, clothing and other artifacts from the collections of the partner museums and galleries;

– Digitization by photographing and audio and video records of customs and artifacts testifying for the cultural heritage and traditions of the Romanies.

Till now, the Ivan Vazov Library has been able to digitize over 50,000 units for which online access is also provided. This includes all the issues of 61 periodicals published before 1944. The collection of cartographic and graphic publications, as well as 95 monumental works by Plovdiv authors, is also interesting. Manuscripts and papers from the late 19th century were also digitized.

Third Image La Biblioteca Nacional "Ivan Vazov"
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