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Fundação Catarinense de Cultura

Alzemi Machado, Catarinense Foundation of Culture of SC

Digitization project for periodicals in Santa Catarina, published since 1831, from the collection of rare works of the Public Library of Santa Catarina.

The launch started in November 2013, and currently, about 905 titles are digitized and publicly available, with more than 47 thousand digitized, totaling approximately 320,000 pages.

I learned about the company through a university (UDESC) partner of your project, which already has a planetary sweep machine.

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Second Image Fundação Catarinense de Cultura

Scanning of documents in various formats and sizes, and editing of images in specific software.

Yes. I did a market research to see the different types of equipment that met our demand.

As we have newspapers of various sizes, especially the standard model, we needed a scanner with dimensions (size) and scan area that would meet our need.

The i2S was the only company that offered the equipment compatible with the desired dimensions and formats.

Yes, we achieved the goals with the equipment and the editing software that we acquired.

Equipment with durability and technologically developed.

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