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Continuous inspection

The Infinite is a multi-camera vision module that simulates a large linear sensor for inspecting wide outputs at a high speed and in high resolution, in confined spaces.

Compact and easy to use, the Infinite solution operates like a virtual linear camera, but with the small footprint of a CIS (Contact Image Sensor).

Print testing

Infinite is the ideal solution for integrating a vision system for high-speed and high-resolution inspection and quality control in confined spaces on your wide printing machines, especially in the field of packaging.

Equipped with the same interfaces as a simple linear camera, the Infinite module is particularly easy to integrate into existing application solutions.

Its customizable architecture makes it possible to inspect widths up to six meters and achieve the desired optical resolutions, while minimizing vision/conveyor system distance and space for easy integration into systems where available space is limited.

Its integrated pulsed lighting means that reflections can be avoided even when working on glossy prints.

In addition, the integrated image pre-processing software provides a robust vision system that withstands operational conditions.

Virtual linear camera for inspecting wide objects in confined spaces

Image manager Infinite

An alternative to linear cameras when space is limited

  • 1

    Customizable architecture

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    USB 3.0 or GigE interface

  • 3

    Integrated pulsed LED

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