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Photo profil Anne Chérif

Anne Chérif, Image Processing Engineer

For Anne, enhanced vision is about highlighting pertinent information.

Photo profil Christophe Lacroix

Christophe Lacroix, Director of Innovation

For Christophe, enhanced vision is about revealing the infinitely small, the hidden, the ephemeral, the delicate, the unexpected... It's about building knowledge through a medium that can be understood by everyone and easily shared.

Photo profil Bruno Hiberty

Bruno Hiberty, Optical Engineer

For Bruno, enhanced vision offers a new perspective on the world!

Photo profil Pierre Bergeron

Pierre Bergeron, Director of Operations

For Pierre, enhanced vision is about making the beauty of our images available for you to use

Photo profil Alain Ricros

Alain Ricros, CEO

For Alain, enhanced vision is our way of seeing the world!

Photo profil Céline Collet-Bernon

Céline Collet-Bernon , Production Team

For Céline the enhanced image is the transformation of "the infinitely small" into "infinitely large" to allow everyone to see the hidden beauty of i2S images.

Photo profil Vianney Ruellan

Vianney Ruellan, Business Unit Director i2S MedCare

The enhanced vision is an incredible help in facilitating medical diagnosis and improving the targeting of patient care!

Photo profil Fabian Poutou

Fabian Poutou, Electronics Engineer

For Fabian, enhanced vision is the answer to the challenges of tomorrow; nothing more, nothing less.

Photo profil Amalya Minasyan

Amalya Minasyan, Applications Engineer

For Amalya, enhanced vision is about extending our perception of the world.

Photo profil Bertrand Kuhn

Bertrand Kuhn, International Sales Manager

For Bertrand, the ehnhanced vision is to immerse oneself completely in the image to discover all its aspects while promoting its enrichment and personal experience.

Photo profil Philippe Vieilleville

Philippe Vieilleville, Industrial Vision Director

For Philippe, enhanced vision is about seeing the infinitely small, the hidden, the delicate… In short, it's about exploring the inaccessible.

Photo profil Delphine Baulieu

Delphine Baulieu, Human Resources and Accounting Manager

For Delphine, enhanced vision is the image of a society where everyone can see its future.

Photo profil David Dassié

David Dassié, Sales Director of the Cultural Heritage Business Unit

For David, the enhanced image is to allow everyone to see what only certain privileged people usually have the opportunity to see.

Photo profil Aurélie Baronnet

Aurélie Baronnet, International Sales Manager

For Aurélie, the enhanced image is to perceive differently and to widen our field of vision.

Photo profil Jean-Charles Desmoulin

Jean-Charles Desmoulin, Sales Engineer Machine Vision

For Jean-Charles, the enhanced vision is opening up to other perspectives and revealing hidden information to anticipate and solve concrete problems.

Photo profil Claire Larronde

Claire Larronde, Product Manager i2S MedCare

For Claire, the enhanced vision is a wonderful source of additional information provided to the practitioner to improve his knowledge and facilitate his diagnosis, making him safer, faster and more precise.

Photo profil Rémi Lapuyade

Rémi Lapuyade, Industrial Operations and Methods Manager

For Rémi, enhanced vision is about seeing beyond appearances.

Photo profil Simon Rodriguez

Simon Rodriguez, Production Technician

For Simon, enhanced vision is about going beyond what is seen by humans by making the invisible visible.

Photo profil Jean Baptiste Schrantz

Jean Baptiste Schrantz, DigiBook Marketing and Limb Gallery Support

For Jean Baptiste, enhanced vision is the emotion of finding that one image" among millions of others thanks to the relevant metadata automatically generated by our artificial intelligence systems!"

Photo profil Najim Belbachir

Najim Belbachir, Sales Manager Machine Vision

For Najim, enhanced vision means harnessing new technologies to offer innovative and inventive machine vision solutions for our customers.

Photo profil Morgane Radigue

Morgane Radigue, Marketing & Sales Cultral Heritage

For Morgane the enhanced image is to develop heritage digitization products based on the uses of tomorrow and for the younger generations.

Photo profil Laurent Virepinte

Laurent Virepinte, Lean Manufacturing Manager

For Laurent, the enhanced image is to acquire an extrasensory vision

Photo profil Paulo Da Silva

Paulo Da Silva, Sales Manager Machine Vision

For Paulo, the ehnanced vision is exploring new horizons with innovative technologies ranging from optics, through the sensor and up to the processing of data.

Photo profil Franck Malecot

Franck Malecot, Cultural Heritage Supply Chain

For Franck, the enhanced image is a metaphor that helps us see what we see. She pushes the limits to escape to new horizons.

Photo profil Xavier Datin

Xavier Datin, CEO

For Xavier, enhanced vision is the world revealed on the big screen of i2S!

Photo profil Muriel Saunier

Muriel Saunier, Machine Vision Sales Administration

For Muriel, the enhanced image is connecting the world of the visible to that of the invisible to give access to knowledge differently,

Photo profil Daniel Alindré

Daniel Alindré, IT Services Manager

For Daniel, enhanced vision has both positive and negative characteristics. It can help to confirm our assessment, understanding and decisions with what is not easily visible, but it can also influence, mislead or give the wrong impression.

Photo profil Fabrice Dupuy

Fabrice Dupuy, Sales Manager Machine Vision

For Fabrice the enhanced image is to help humans to see everything in all areas.

Photo profil Jean-Luc Valancogne

Jean-Luc Valancogne, Product Owner

For Jean-Luc, the enhanced image is to reach, manipulate and transform the real world for the service of man.

Photo profil Sabine Manoussis

Sabine Manoussis, Production Technician

For Sabine, an enhanced image is a computer-generated image from a three-dimensional digital mock-up that corrects aspect defects, lighten or darken the image (pixel).

Photo profil Thomas Roy

Thomas Roy, Responsible for the production of scanners

For Thomas, the enhanced image is to correct the anomalies to better beautify them.

Photo profil Sabrina Roy

Sabrina Roy, International Sales Manager

For Sabrina, the enhanced image is a better perception of reality in favor of new uses.

Photo profil Richard Bonnard

Richard Bonnard, Administrative and Financial Director

For Richard, enhanced vision is about making a beautiful image effective.

Photo profil Michaël Bréda

Michaël Bréda, Mechanical Designer

For Michaël, enhanced vision is about always wanting to see further.

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