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Wavefront sensors

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First Image Wavefront sensors
Second Image Wavefront sensors

The challenge

To develop a new generation of compact wavefront sensors that integrate a new, modern and durable standard interface, while guaranteeing fast and accurate measurements.

Our solution

We offered advice and guidance on how to use a compact industrial camera that complied with the performance requirements of the new USB3 Vision standard and included an ultra-sensitive, integrated CCD sensor. The camera's three unique characteristics—factory calibration, state-of-the-art software and a very high quality microlens network—ensure the new family of HASO4 First sensors provide unrivaled performance.


The high performance of the CCD sensor combined with a very advanced parameter setting software of the camera, led Imagine Optic to develop a reliable and standardized metrology solution that allows to reduce the downtime and maintenance time to a minimum. The proposed solution is consistent with scientific and industrial requirements.

Third Image Wavefront sensors
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