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The Vatopedi Monastery

The Vatopedi Monastery


Mount Athos is known throughout the world as the site with the largest collection of Greek and Byzantine art.

Digitization of the Vatopedi Monastery library holdings, which contain approximately 2,000 manuscripts, 25 scrolls, and in excess of 35,000 documents and printed books

First Image The Vatopedi Monastery
Second Image The Vatopedi Monastery

The monks will digitize their collection to diffuse out of the Monastery most of the historical written treasures they own, for scholars and religious people.  

Our solution

They discovered our digitization solutions thanks to a Greek service provider who was using the Suprascan A1 scanner for digitization services to the Monastery. 

In order to manage their database they use a customized document management software from which they can enrich the images by adding Meta Data.
Third Image The Vatopedi Monastery
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