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The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Choosing the LIMB Gallery for the digital library. Digitizing and enhancing archives and collections of old and contemporary books on international relations, which is 10,000 images.

Ancient photographs (start of the 20th century).

Manuscripts of the Commune of Paris.

Various iconographic documents relating to communism (20th century).

Old books relating to diplomacy and international relations (17th to 19th centuries).

French Revolution lampoons (1789)

Contemporary works (1900-1940) relating to international organizations headquartered in Geneva and international law.

First Image The Graduate Institute, Geneva
Second Image The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Creation of a Digital Library for the department and OCR conversion of old and contemporary books.

Why choosing i2S and its partner?

The Speed ​​of execution of the projects and the technical quality of services.
Availability and responsiveness of the IT department for the deployment of the digital library and the structuring of its metadata, as well as the quality of software training and technical follow-up.
Reactivity and quality of the commercial service.

Third Image The Graduate Institute, Geneva
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