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The Albertina Museum Vienna

Interview with Peter Ertl, Head of the Photography Studio at the Albertina Museum Vienna

We work with a wide variety of objects. The Albertina has books, engravings and works of all sizes. However, we mainly scan prints and newspapers up to DIN A1 format. All objects are unique and very valuable, so we have to take great care when scanning them."

First Image The Albertina Museum Vienna
Second Image The Albertina Museum Vienna

The challenge

Not being able to suspend a camera directly above the works for safety reasons. I2S scanners allow objects to be laid flat and scanned at a perpendicular angle.

By eliminating the need for image enhancement and other time-consuming post-editing work, i2S scanning solutions deliver significant productivity gains.

With its large collection of fragile historical books, the Albertina now has solutions integrating book holders that take into account the delicate nature of ancient books.


Price and quality of the image.

The i2S scanners meet the standards to be respected in terms of quality. Scanners with LED lighting respect the uniformity of lighting and a very short exposure to light

Third Image The Albertina Museum Vienna
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