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Surface inspection of steels

DEEP GRAY, steel industry

Their challenge

Deep Gray wanted to inspect steel in both the visible and near infrared ranges. They needed to be able to use both images simultaneously to ensure the best possible understanding of detected defaults.

First Image Surface inspection of steels
Second Image Surface inspection of steels

Our solution

We advised and guided them on the use of fast and sensitive line scan cameras, the only ones on the market to meet the key demands of the project: high sensitivity with low integration time in the visible and near IR, very good behavior in a high temperature environment, sufficient pixel throughput at all speeds and highly reliable equipment.


The images of the defects are of a quality never seen before; the contribution of the near infrared acquired image is decisive for the inspection of naturally textured steel grades. The inspection results are used to qualify the achieved quality level and correct the drifts of the upstream process.

Third Image Surface inspection of steels
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