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Northwestern University Library

Northwestern University Library

Dan ZELLNER – Production Coordinator

Provide a brief overview of your current digitization objectives that you use i2s equipment and/or software to complete?

At Northwestern University we use i2s equipment to digitize special collections within the library and Limb software to process text projects.  Both items are integral in supporting the work we do.

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How have your i2s scanners been able to help you succeed at achieving your digitization goals?

Our Digibook Quartz A1 scanner has been a huge help in achieving our digitization goals. The Digibook Quartz A1 allows us to capture larger sized materials in one pass: with other capture devices these materials would require two captures that would need to be stitched together. We get quality scans and save a lot of time.

Please describe your experience with i2s/IImage Retrieval support and sales staff?

The i2s/IImage Retrieval support and sales staff have been excellent. When we were shopping for a planetary scanner they were the most accommodating vendor. They allowed us to test the scanner on site and ran additional tests for us to confirm performance. This sales experience sealed the deal for us.  Questions and problems have been addressed quickly and professionally.

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