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Mc Gill University

Mc Gill University

Greg Houston & Ann Marie Holland from Mc Gill University 

The largest manuscript that Mc Gill digitized

Mc Gill digitized a book of 600 years old including 145 leaves or 300 parchment pages looking just like a book from Game of Thrones thanks to the SupraScan QUARTZ. 

In 2017 they bought the SupraScan QUARTZ A1. They were looking for a scanner to digitize rare and fragile items. 

Today, only two other institutions in Quebec own a similar machine that is :  the BANQ  and the Canadian Center for Architecture. 

First Image Mc Gill University
Second Image Mc Gill University

The SupraScan QUARTZ can digitize from 600 to 1000 dpi, this machine is ideal for scanning music scores which require a minimum of 600 dpi resolution to capture the finest details such as music lifts and characters.

The relief enhancement and anti-glare function are ideal for scanning this kind of books. The SupraScan has two lateral lights fixed onto one spot. The relief enhancement allows them to shut off one of the lights which makes 3D elements such as the brass fixtures stand out.

The anti-glare function was very useful when Mc Gill digitized the selection of frame leaves. 

To watch the full video of Mc Gill University, click on the link.


Third Image Mc Gill University
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