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Creekside Digital - Service Bureau USA

We took delivery of the very first CopiBook in the US with the new 600 x 600 dpi scan head. It’s a multi-purpose workhorse and can handle anything both flat and bound. (…) I will say that these machines are the next step up from the rest of the market offer. We looked at everything out there, and in terms of pure technical image quality and feature set, the CopiBook HD came out on top.” Jim STUDNICKI, President of Creekside Digital

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Our solution

Creekside, service bureau in USA, was looking for a high quality A2 overhead scanner as a production tool. They checked all possible vendors, did some tests and comparisons, and finally selected the CopiBook HD.

Why choosing i2S? 

For Creekside Digital, the choice of scanner went to the i2S CopiBook HD because of its image quality and the flexibility of the scanner for document scanning: flat or bound.

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