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Cleveland Art Museum

Cleveland Art Museum

The Cleveland Museum of Art Ingalls Library, one of the largest art research libraries in the United States, and the Museum Archives serve internal, local, and international users researching such diverse topics as art history, the history of the Cleveland Museum of Art, exhibitions, and provenance. To better serve our users the library and archives digitizes rare, unique, and heavily used items and collections for access, preservation, and publicity. Digitization is currently focused on rare and unique library books in the public domain, and on heavily used archives collections.

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Our i2s scanner has allowed us to safely digitize rare books, which need special care and handling, as well as large format items that will not fit on other scanners in the library and archives. Additionally, large scale scanning projects are aided by processing software that automates many post-scanning processing tasks. 

i2s and IImage Retrieval support and sales staff always get back to us in a timely manner when we ask questions, and have always displayed professionalism during interactions. In fact, this positive customer service experience was one of the reasons we chose to purchase an i2s scanner.

Testimonial from Susan Hernandez - Digital Archivist and Systems Librarian at the Cleveland Museum of Art

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