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Cantonal Archives of Vaud - Switzerland

The challenge

Digitizing the equivalent of 150 meters of shelving over 4 years: A feat made possible by the implementation of two large SupraScan Quartz scanners in A1 (841 mm x 594 mm) and A0 (1 m²) format. Each one is adapted to specific documents and is equipped with a book holder, thus facilitating the digitization of registers without damaging the binding. Our solution is supplemented by a metadata image annotation process which is fully automated by our Limb Processing and Limb Maestro software.

First Image Cantonal Archives of Vaud - Switzerland
Second Image Cantonal Archives of Vaud - Switzerland

Our solution

We safeguarded their collection of precious and fragile heritage documents by setting up a customized digitization workshop to meet their specific needs. With our all-in-one" digitization solutions, scanners and Limb software suite, we digitized 2,344 land registers and almost 4,000 maps of the region, including some nearly 10 meters long.


Industrialization of all the heritage funds by a digitization process combining models of our scanners with two of our own software.

Our client realizes significant time savings on the management of metadata, secures its original documents and facilitates access to archives for the general public and professionals.

Third Image Cantonal Archives of Vaud - Switzerland
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