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Bürgerspital Basel

Bürgerspital Basel

We wanted the machines to have great image quality so our customers are satisfied. Of course, value for money has also played an important role. In terms of usability, we wanted to make sure our employees with disabilities (wheelchair users) could work comfortably. The features of the software needed to be quick and easy to use. As a service provider, it was also essential that your scanners were flexible and powerful and could be used for all types of documents. In addition to the characteristics of the scanner itself, we also looked at the manufacturer and the local partner, because we needed a reliable partner."

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The Challenge

Burgerspital Basel is a service provider employing people with disabilities. Their challenge when choosing scanners was twofold: They wanted to purchase scanners offering an excellent price-performance ratio (high image quality and productivity) and that would be easy to use from an ergonomics and software point of view.

They also wanted reliable and responsive partners to provide post-sales support.

Our solution

Our SupraScan Quartz A1HD and Quartz A0 LED HD scanners meet their needs perfectly.


"Since machines generally work very reliably, this factor often takes precedence, but good support services are especially important in case of problems, and you need quick expert assistance. It was therefore important for us to know the precise service conditions (response time, maintenance costs, etc.) and to be able to count on the expertise and experience of the supplier, not just the manufacturer himself. , but especially the local partner who supports "

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