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3D impression scan

Actor in dentistry

The challenge

Performing non-contact, real-time 3D impressions at very high resolutions

First Image 3D impression scan
Second Image 3D impression scan

Our solution

Designed and produced by dedicated development of highly integrable custom-made electronics and optics in a volume comparable to a toothbrush from a software solution supplied by a partner, the Condor probe provides dental diagnostics and manufacturing prostheses through the direct transmission of digital files, thus eliminating the need for molding.

The same technology can be easily used for 3D modeling. The same technology can be easily implemented to model in 3D, visualize and measure small, hard-to-access cavities using nondestructive testing (NDT) in the aerospace or archeology industry. It can also be used to scan small objects in 3D.



Measurement / evaluation by real-time imaging, shortening the manufacturing cycle and associated costs. Lightweight and ergonomic, this intraoral 3D color scanner is equipped with a reduced scanner head that is comfortable for the patient and suitable for patients with limited mouth opening capability. Easy to use, the user interface is ergonomic and requires only a few clicks on the touch screen while being intuitive. In addition, there is no specific analysis strategy to follow, no angle where the focus distance is needed.

Third Image 3D impression scan
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