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Project background

  • Customer MAF RODA
  • Fields of application Agribusiness field
  • Project To guarantee that only the highest quality fruits and vegetables are found on grocery store shelves
  • Work performed Support on the use of a toolbox of standard vision software functions (MIL)

The application

Customer issue

MAF Roda Agrobiotic is a French multinational specialised in calibration, packaging and handling systems for the fresh fruits and vegetables sector. The aim is to help the producers improve their productivity while ensuring that only the highest quality fruits and vegetables are found on grocery store shelves.

The customer develops grading machines to accurately analyze fruit according to quality and color criteria. Each piece of fruit generates 20 color images and 20 near infrared images as it moves and rotates forward under the cameras - covering 100% of its surface. The challenge for the customer was how to use powerful and fast image processing functions.

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Our solution and its advantages 

We helped the customer to use a toolbox of standard software functions (MIL) whose performance had compared favorably to "home-made" proprietary functions. The customer could then benchmark the execution speed of the functions, their ease of use and programming time savings.

The Matrox Imaging Library permited to analyse the spots on the fruits and vegetables efficiently, to analyse their size, their colour but also to identify the presence of stems, cores and to reject the faulty products with black spots for example.


  • Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) is a comprehensive collection of software tools for developing machine vision, image analysis, and medical imaging applications. MIL includes tools for every step in the process, from application feasibility to prototyping, through to development and ultimately deployment.
  • The software development kit (SDK) features interactive software and programming functions for image capture, processing, analysis, annotation, display, and archiving. These tools are designed to enhance productivity, thereby reducing the time and effort required to bring solutions to market.

  • Image capture, processing, and analysis operations have the accuracy and robustness needed to tackle the most demanding applications. These operations are also carefully optimized for speed to address the severe time constraints encountered in many applications.

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The customer’s benefits

Given the excellent stability of the library, it helps to improve the productivity of programmers.

The customer devotes more time to his specific activity than wasting time on writing and carrying out the maintenance of his own functions.  The system user interface leaves scope for adjusting the quality and sorting in real-time parameters and saving them. 

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