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Control of ores in hostile environment

Project background

  • Customer METSO
  • Fields of application Mining industry
  • Project Control of the separation and recovery of metal ores by flotation
  • Work performed Conception and industrialisation of a robust and waterproof camera, resistant to corrosive evironments

Our achievement

Customer issue

The goal is to improve the flotation process which consists of metallic mineral separation and recovery. Within a gaseous and corrosive environment, a vision system is installed to control and measure flotation parameters such as bubble velocity, size and stability.

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Our realisation and its advantages 

We industrialised a high-performance and scalable camera which integrates in a rugged housing the LED lighting. Also, we met the tight, compact and resistant to corrosive environments’ requirements. The proposed solution permits the integration of camera modules which offer a wide variety of resolution.

The 4 main features of the camera: 

  • an optional customisation
  • a simplified form of wiring
  • an easy adjustment
  • an extreme resistance

Also provides those following features: 

  • a wide variety of resolution from VGA to 14 megapixels 
  • a tailor-made shooting depending on the optical choice
  • an easy optical adjustment without changing the camera position
  • an embedded or separated  lighting LED control 
  • an unique connecting and supply cable ( Gigabit Ethernet PoE or USB 3)
  • an IP67 watertight steel in a stainless steel cover ( AISI316L type)
  • glass window or plexiglass in accordance with the food-processing norm 
  • compact and robust housing 

The customer’s benefits

Today, the customer has a completely integrated product, industrialized and at a very competitive price compared to an assembling solution which would  have been developed in-house. This solution reduces the number of suppliers working on the camera part. 

Scope of possibilities

i2S meets your needs

We design and develop ranges of industrial, compact, stainless steal and waterproof cameras according to your applications requirements and your expectations in terms of image performance.

We ensure an optimal functioning of our cameras thanks to the custom design of specific packaging for every extreme environment:

  • Specific atmospheric pressure (aeronautics…)
  • Extreme temperatures, vast fluctuations in temperature
  • Significant kinetic phenomenons : vibrations, impacts, accelerations….
  • Gaseous, corrosive, explosive atmosphere (need to use explosion-proof and waterproof equipments…)
  • Immersion
  • Electromagnetic environment
  • Agri-food sector
  • Field of sport


  • Single camera at the cutting edge of tecnology adapted to your environment
  • Wide choice of resolutions
  • Optimal quality image
  • Tailor-made shooting conditions
  • Easy optic regulations
  • Possible control of the embedded or separated LED lighting
  • Simplified connections
  • Optimal compactness/ miniaturization
  • Best value for money/ performances

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