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Measurement of rock fragmentation

Project background

  • Customer METSO
  • Fields of application Mining industry
  • Project Measurement of rock fragmentation for optimization of ore production
  • Work performed Design and industrialization of a robust camera system with double infrared lighting

Our realisation

The customer issue

Metso is a Finnish company specializing in the supply of industrial equipment, technologies and services for the processing industries.

To optimize ore production, Metso measures rock fragmentation on the conveyor belt. It exploits the properties and size distribution of rock for crusher control, for better feed balance and overall performance improvement.

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Our solution and its advantages

We have designed and industrialized a robust video capture system consisting of a camera and two remote infrared LED lights that is completely dust and moisture proof. The proposed solution allows the integration of camera modules offering a wide variety of resolutions.

Designed for harsh environments, the camera system | lighting is at the cutting edge of technology and offers extreme resistance:

  • waterproof IP67 camera & lighting system with a variety of resolutions ranging from VGA up to 20 megapixels
  • stainless steel camera housing treated to withstand aggressive chemical environments
  • glass or plexiglass window in accordance with for the food industry standard
  • custom shooting condition depending on the choice of optics and resolution
  • 2 near infrared LED lights, waterproof, remote and controlled
  • a single connection and power cable (Gigabit Ethernet PoE) for the system
  • 2 lighting connections from the camera box

The customer's benefits

The customer has a fully integrated, industrialized, adjusted and calibrated package at a very competitive price. This solution reduces the number of suppliers involved in the system.

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