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Defect measuring on bottles

Project background

  • Customer TIAMA
  • Fields of application Hollow glass industry
  • Project Quality control for the hollow glass industry through the use of linescan cameras
  • Work performed Design and production in series of a tailor-made linescan camera module

Our achievement

Customer issue

The customer is the world’s leading provider of quality control solutions for the hollow glass industry. One of the aspects of the glass containers’ integrity control  being the dimensional errors’ detection, the client was interested in the use of a linescan camera which would meet several criteria: the speed and the resolution, the integration of a new standardised interface and the product compactness adapted to the customer’s machine.

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Our realisation and its advantages 

Thanks to our expertise in the conception, the development and the industrial cameras’ production, we industrialized a linescan camera module:

  • custom-made
  • ultra-compact
  • design and assembly at an effective cost 

With the latest-generation CMOS monochrome sensor of 2048 pixels and the CoaXPress interface, the linescan camera module has key characteristics such as:

  • an exceptional quality of image thanks to its large pixels (7μm x 7μm)
  • the sensitivity is two to four times higher with the « binning » mode
  • a high-speed scanning with a maximum line frequency of 45kHz @10-bit
  • an image dynamic from 10 to 12-bit
  • a high transmission speed of 3.125Gb/s on several tens of metres with the CoaXPress interface
  • power over CoaXPress wire (PoCXP)  which reduces the number of wires used

The customer’s benefits

The customer has a new generation of linescan OEM cameras, which are available at a very competitive price and with an assured sustainability. The new cameras are perfectly integrated into the customer’s vision machine.

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Scope of Possibilities

i2S meets your needs

For decades, we have developed tailor-made OEM cameras for parts manufacturers and their international market.  For the quality control in general and the metrological applications in particular, we have developed a strong expertise in the conception and the use of matrix or linear cameras, in colour or black and white, which combine high resolutions and high speed acquisition.

All the key parameters of your application are taken into account in order to assure an optimal functioning of the product and meet your expectations in terms of imaging performance.

The key points of the application:

  • High temperature environment, vibrations, impacts, etc…
  • Electrical, electromagnetic environment
  • Available space for the image capture, level of miniaturization
  • Precision in measurement
  • Acquisition rate
  • Shooting and lighting conditions
  • Image quality expected
  • Separation distance of the cameras according to the processing station


By confiding your development project to i2S, here are our commitments:

  • A single camera at the cutting edge of technology adapted to your environment and your market
  • A large range of resolutions and acquisition speeds
  • An optimal sensitivity
  • An irreproachable image quality
  • Tailor-made shooting conditions reproducible in series
  • Connections adapted to distance
  • An optimal compactness/ miniaturization
  • Flexibility of production resources
  • The best quality price/ performance ratio

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