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Mass calibration of cameras

Project background

  • Customer Imaging systems manufacturers
  • Fields of application All industries
  • Project Facilitate the cameras integration into the hardwares – Ensure the repeatability of shooting conditions
  • Work performed Realization of a calibration and optical adjustment bench for ready-to-use cameras

Our achievement

Customer issue

Every imaging system produced in series has to ensure the precision and the repeatability of the measures. Thanks to the integration of one or several cameras  per system  with their respective optics, the manufacturers have to deal with the equal adjustment of a camera-optical combination.

The optical adjustment and the cameras calibration become essential operations to ensure the reliability and the repeatability of the manufactured systems.

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Our realisation and its advantages 

We develop in close collaboration with the customer, a specific bench for optical adjustment and testing to produce in series cameras and optical combinations perfectly identical and ready for operation. According to the quantities and the controls / adjustments to be made we study at the best price the overall cost of production for each camera.

The bench reproduces the shooting conditions of the camera in the final system and permits for example, the focus adjustment of the lens, its locking and the camera calibration.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of operations that can be implemented in the camera production process:

  • Mounting a lens1 and / or lighting
  • Adjust and lock the sharpness
  • Setting and locking the aperture
  • Vignetting, distortion or chromatic aberration measurement
  • White balance measurement
  • 3D Calibration
  • Providing correction files for each camera
  • - Integration of corrections on board the camera2

We produce and deliver camera sets preset as and when required by the customer.

(1) i2S has a clean room for optical mounting without dust

(2) feature available with some camera models

The customer’s benefits

The customer has access to a camera ready for operation, accompanied with its calibration data, easy to integrate and offered at a very competitive price. 

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