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71 color megapixels for your ultra-high-resolution applications

For a successful and cost-effective O.E.M integration !

Thanks to its very high definition, the IMDC 70 camera is ideal for applications such as:

- high precision metrology, optical measurement and profile projection
- print quality control of secure and fiduciary documents
- direct digital microscopy, micro-mechanics - scientific and medical imagery
- inspection in electronics(PCB), semiconductors
- digitization of documents...

Based on the latest generation of CMOS sensor, it delivers exceptional image quality.

The IMDC 70 camera allows you to window image acquisition and control motorized lenses.

The camera has a USB 3.0 interface for very fast transfers.

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Ultra-high color resolution


Camera with 10000 x 7096 pixels with a 3.1µm pixel size


CMOS technology with rolling shutter

Preview mode

Full field of view with a resolution of 2496x1774 pixels at 10fps

Image manager IMDC 70

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    USB 3.0 interface
  • 2


    Software Development Kit for Windows 7 and 10, and sample Viewer included allowing to configure the camera, acquire and display images
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    Manual and auto Focus control on selected lenses

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