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Robust cameras

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Cameras for harsh environments

i2S designs and develops ranges of rugged industrial cameras dedicated to harsh environments.

Each extreme environment corresponds to a specific packaging of the camera, being understood that a standard industrial camera operates at ambient temperatures and restricted humidity levels.

As an expert in cameras and image processing, i2S provides tailored solutions based on your environmental constraints.

What are the constraints of your application?

- extreme temperatures, high temperature variations
- important kinetic phenomena: vibrations, shocks, accelerations
- gaseous or corrosive atmosphere
- immersion
- specific atmospheric pressure
- electromagnetic environment

Image contenu page Imaging Solutions
Image contenu page Imaging Solutions

Our camera solutions for harsh environments

i2S brings a unique solution, adapted to your needs 

Our experts take into account all the environmental criteria of your application as well as the performances expected on the images produced to study with you, at the best price, the best technical solution.

With more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of cameras, especially for the aeronautics, space and industry sectors, our teams are at your disposal to define your needs with precision and to contribute to the success of your project.

Your benefits

- Unique camera of last generation adapted to your environment
- Large choice of resolutions
- Optimal image quality
- Custom shooting conditions
- In option: control of onboard or remote LED lighting
- Only one connection and power cable
- Easy optical settings
- Optimum compactness / miniaturization

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