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i2S Vision offers a complete range of services to help you find tailored solutions and to support you in the development of your digital vision applications.

Advices | Expertise

Consult our experts in vision!

For 40 years i2S specializes in image capture and processing. It helps customers solve their most complex imaging challenges. To satisfy its customers, i2S has assembled expert technical teams in their fields: optics, electronics, mechanics, embedded systems, image processing, software development and internet.

These teams are at your disposal to analyse your imaging project, assist you in the drafting of specifications or study the best technical and financial solutions for a new product.

Camera Calibration Bench

Entrust us the set-up and the serial calibration of your cameras!

To facilitate and accelerate the integration of your cameras into your equipment, i2S can study the realization of an optical adjustment and calibration bench adapted to your shooting conditions and intended for the mass production of preset camera sets.

Depending on the controls and adjustments to be made we can calculate the overall cost of manufacturing the bench as well as the production costs associated with each camera, taking into account the camera volumes.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of operations that can be implemented in the camera production process:

  • Mounting a lens1 and / or lighting
  • Adjust and lock the sharpness
  • Setting and locking the aperture
  • Vignetting, distortion or chromatic aberration measurement
  • White balance measurement
  • 3D Calibration
  • Providing correction files for each camera
  • Integration of corrections on board the camera2

(1) i2S has a clean room for optical mounting without dust.
(2) feature available with some camera models

Technical support

Install with confidence!

During the warranty period of our products, our Technical Support team assists you with the implementation of hardware and software. By phone or by email the Technical Support responds quickly to your requests and assists you at all stages of integration of our solutions:

  • Guidance during installation
  • Research and send technical information on a product
  • Send explanations on technical information about a product
  • Send software update

An experienced team

The Technical Support team consists of experienced engineers, experts in industrial vision and continuously trained in the use of products and new technologies.


Learn with confidence!

Our trainers are at your disposal to organize, within your company or on our premises in Pessac, trainings adapted to your needs.

If you start with our products and want to save time we offer "Products" training

  • Training on Matrox MIL imaging software or Matrox Design Assistant software
  • Training on Basler pylon camera software suite
  • Training on Norpix StreamPix video recording software
  • Training on Matrox smart cameras

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