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OEM cameras

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i2S designs and develops customized industrial camera ranges at objective cost for your markets.

Well known for its industrial innovation and its high-level of expertise, i2S is the strategic partner of OEMs and international major accounts for the design and mass production of their cameras.

What are your needs ?

- an areascan or linescan camera module without optics
- a camera module integrating several sensors of different natures
- a miniature block of stereovision
- a camera set with its integrated optics
- a camera assembly equipped with a zoom and a system for controlling the focus, iris and focus
- a camera block with lens and embedded lighting

Image contenu page Imaging Solutions
Image contenu page Imaging Solutions

We design and develop on demand innovative product lines for demanding applications

Organized in project, our multidisciplinary teams of R & D and industrialization departments design, develop and industrialize OEM cameras adapted to your needs and your processes.

Our experts use all their know-how to study and manufacture small, medium or large series of unique solutions dedicated to your markets.

Your benefits

- State-of-the-art product
- Quality of manufacture
- Fully integrated and industrialized product
- Durability of the product
- Competetive price
- Best value for money / performance

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