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Industrial imaging systems

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Custom-made imaging systems based on rackable PCs or embedded PCs

Our experts are at your disposal to study the best industrial computing solutions to get the optimal functioning of your vision application. From your specifications, we propose cutomized solutions adapted to your constraints and take charge of assembling and testing your hardware configurations.

What are your needs ?

- multi-entry machine vision controller for demanding applications
- in-vehicle fanless computer
- inspection and image processing system for severe environment
- embedded ultra-compact fanless controller for limited space
- video recording and image processing system
- video surveillance and analysis system
- Multi GPU and multi CPU computing platform
- AI development platform

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Image contenu page Imaging Solutions

Customized solutions

Our teams select, integrate and test complete PC-based systems that meet your specifications and environmental requirements.

Vision equipment - cameras, cards and associated software - are installed, set up and tested according to strict procedures for the proper functioning of your application.

Your benefits

- Ruggeddized, high-performance, high-quality systems suitable for industrial and mobile environments.
- Systems resistant to strong temperature variations and / or significant accelerations and shocks
- Systems adapted to high throughput applications
- Qualified and ready-to-use systems 

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