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Library of St-Omer agglomeration

Project background

Library of St-Omer agglomeration
  • Customer Library of St-Omer agglomeration
  • Country Saint-Omer, France
  • Fields of application Cultural Heritage Digitization
  • Project To promote exceptional funds and facilitate their consultation and conservation
  • Work performed Creation of a digital library and sharing of creations online

The Project

The company Arkhênum (i2S partner) carried out various digitization campaigns for old manuscripts and books. They have also set up a digital library to promote and share library documents on the Internet.

LIMB Gallery solution

The agglomeration library has chosen to share and enhance its collections on the Internet using the LIMB Gallery solution.

The library was put online in April 2012. It responds to a growing demand for consultation of old documents in the collections. In addition, thanks to the new interface that is even more user-friendly and accessible to the public, the documents in the library are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The advantages of the solution

Arkhênum put the documents online using scanned files (JPEG or PDF) and an inventory of documents corresponding to the Dublin Core format.

Photo source: https://bibliotheque-numerique.bibliotheque-agglo-stomer.fr/notices/item/16684-redirection

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