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ENPJJ – Ministry of Justice school in Roubaix

Project background

ENPJJ – Ministry of Justice school in Roubaix
  • Customer ENPJJ – Ministry of Justice school in Roubaix
  • Date 2016
  • Country Roubaix, France
  • Fields of application Digital Library
  • Work performed An online access to a digital library with LIMB Gallery

The project

As part of digitization services and online publishing of a digital library specialized in supervised education and problematics related to inadequate justice for minors and children, the Arkhênum firm (I2s partner) collaborates with the ENPJJ of Roubaix since 2016.

The digital library, which at first only consisted of print and iconographic collections, has quickly got richer in audiovisual material. Regular digitization campaigns lead by Arkhênum or by us, enhance very often the provided digital resources, especially the audiovisual collection ones. Let’s find out through the testimony of Nicolas Tricoche, archivist at the ENPJJ in charge of the digital library project, the role their audiovisual collections play in making this tool more attractive for users.

The LIMB Gallery solution

The ENPJJ of Roubaix has chosen to share and promote its collections on Internet thanks to the LIMB Gallery solution.
The library was put online in September 2018 and is regularly enriched.

"Apart from trivial opportunity considerations, since our heritage documentary collection includes a certain number of audiovisual documents, there are many reasons and convictions that lead to the decision of uploading this kind of documentation. First of all, for an institution like ours whose goal is to do initial or in-service training for staffs that currently have and will have to take charge of a public of vulnerable young people, who are a living and human matter, we thought it was important to mobilise resources. And what’s the best way to meet these needs than showing movies and interviews that allow our interns to deeply dive into social issues that have crossed centuries? The objective is to catch through testimonies of bygone days the consistence and persistence of a message sent from the past that tells us to take on this quest towards young people, who must be considered as humans in trouble before being criminals. In this way, we consider that the convening of history is a kick-starter and sense enhancer for the legal protection of youth.

Moreover, we decided we wanted to join the new digital uses through audiovisual heritage documentation integration. In fact, platforms have made audiovisual material a major resource and we believe it is important to be able to meet these new expectations. Therefore, this orientation represents a position or even a posture which can also be related to militancy: heritage and history can also be subjected to the current system, regarding both the style, with multimedia material, and the content, since the resonance of the past helps have a clearer view of our present."

The solution advantages

The ENPJJ of Roubaix expressed its complete satisfaction during the implementation of the LIMB solution by our partner Arkhênum. The support provided at each stage of the project was simple and fluid.

"Have you noticed any difference in interest between audiovisual and “standard” collections?"

"The statistics regarding this consultation couldn’t be clearer: right now, 9 out of 15 best audience scores concern audiovisual documents."

Read the full testimony of our partner Arkhênum with i2S solutions: https://www.arkhenum.fr/collections-audiovisuelles-un-vrai-vecteur-dattractivite-et-dengagement-avec-les-utilisateurs/

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