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Atria - Institute on gender equality and women's history

Project background

Atria - Institute on gender equality and women's history
  • Customer Atria - Institute on gender equality and women's history
  • Date 2019
  • Country Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Fields of application Cultural Heritage
  • Work performed Digital library to share their collections

The customer project

Atria collects, stores and documents material on the position of women in all areas, past and present, at home and abroad. The archive material includes magazines, articles, photos, videos and Oral History interviews on this topic.

The collection management system that Atria used until recently was running on an old server and it was time for a new version. This prompted Atria to renew the systems and to investigate which solution would work well for them as a collection management system and as a way of making the collection accessible.

i2S solution : LIMB Gallery

Atria wants to be a hub for information about emancipation and women's history and to operate more within a network of organizations and sources. The research into systems that could contribute well to this objective resulted in the choice of a new system from France: LIMB Gallery.

The migration of the files and metadata to the new system is a big job. Atria also chooses to optimize and standardize the data immediately. In addition, good thought has been given to accessibility and the open sharing of information. For example, the inserted data complies with international standards. For example, the solution offers an IIIF server and image viewer. IIIF stands for International Image Interoperability Framework, a standard method for providing image material on the internet. Insofar as rights allow, the images will be directly viewable or even directly downloadable from the Atria website, so that they are easily available to a large audience. To this end, Atria will start a 'Copyrights' project after going live, so that more and more material will become available in high resolution. 

Sharing the collections

Atria is now busy with the migration and the new database will go live soon. Then Atria would like to see whether the system can be shared with other parties in order to strengthen the network of sources around gender, emancipation and women's history. Ingrid: 'Many smaller heritage institutions do not yet have these kinds of solutions, we could form a block together and make a shared investment in, for example, storage options or expansion of a content management system. Collaboration offers all kinds of opportunities and enhances the further enrichment and opening up of heritage.

This article comes from the DEN : the knowledge institute for digitization in the cultural sector. To read the full article : https://www.den.nl/actueel/artikelen/679/kiezen-en-delen-hoe-atria-open-standaarden-gebruikt-om-hun-collectie-te-ontsluiten

Photo from Atria digital library : https://institute-genderequality.org/library-archive/collection/photos/

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