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I2S DigiBook is a designer and scanner manufacturer, software developer and partner in multiple heritage digitization projects.

With our high-level expertise we can support you throughout the life cycle of your digitization projects, from determining specifications to publication of digitized content.

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i2S guidance and expertise

At i2S, our experts will help you with the executive and technical direction of your digitization projects:
Evaluation of project objectives and feasibility

  • Definition of project specifications: technical and functional requirements, quality standards, legal and financial clauses, etc.
  • Evaluation of calls for tender and assistance with responses
  • Evaluation of project costs, credit and budget management
  • Coordination and management of project partners
  • Preparation of offers and management of supply and purchase orders

Our warranty policy

All our scanners come with a one-year Warranty/Support" contract. This first year is free for our customers.
A "Warranty/Support" contract extension of two years or more can be ordered at the same time as the scanner. A one-year extension of the "Warranty/ Support" contract can also be ordered at the end of the initial period of the "Warranty/Support" contract.

Options available:
For customers without a "Warranty/Support" contract, we can offer:

  • The TECHASSIST contract: technical support for 1 year.
  • The EXTSOFT2 contract: software updates for1 year

Both of these contracts can be ordered directly from i2s if your local distributor cannot offer software support or if you are not a direct customer.

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Our experts at your service!

i2S is recognized for its expertise in all stages of the digitization and image quality pipeline, and our experts are on hand to train you on the new standards in image quality.

Let our team teach you about ISO 19264, Metamorfoze and FADGI, and acquire the knowledge you need for your digitization projects.

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