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Digitization projects have become more widespread in recent years for better management of conformity, conservation, publication and accessibility issues.


These days, more and more libraries are undertaking digitization campaigns of their curated works. There are several reasons for this: to provide an alternative means of consulting heritage collections, to provide access to research tools for corpora or collections, to offer printing services, to run training workshops, to create educational resources, and to disseminate knowledge locally or remotely via online libraries.

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As custodians of an invaluable cultural and historical heritage, archives ensure collections of great historical importance from public institutions (administrations, communities, public institutions) and private collections (companies, trade unions, associations, private individuals, etc.) are collected, preserved and communicated to the public.


Museums are, like libraries, custodians of our cultural heritage. Their scanning needs are linked to the preservation, conservation and dissemination of their collections. i2S is proud to offer a solution that can handle the entire process from scanning, to image processing, to dissemination through digital libraries.

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Service providers

Service providers are fundamental players in digitization projects. In partnership with private or public institutions, archives or owners of collections, these players digitize billions of pages each year.

As digital business structures, service providers face all the challenges of digitization projects, especially when it comes to digitizing fragile and complex documents.

To improve their digitization efficiency and quality, i2S DigiBook has developed a complete range of solutions, from digitization to image processing.


A growing number of university libraries are now engaged in digitization campaigns. The digitization of university book collections has become essential for various reasons, such as the need for an alternative means of consultation, access to research tools for corpora or collections, printing services, training workshops, the creation of educational materials, and sharing content locally or remotely through online libraries…

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