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DigiBook DL-Mini

The perfect combination of image quality and productivity

The DIGIBOOK DL-Mini is equipped with a suction-assisted page turner (patented process) and an air-cushioned book holder. These two systems ensure that the works are handled without applying any pressure and that the binding undergoes no strain. The operator can also choose the page turning speed, from 1 (slowest) to 3 (fastest). This means you can adjust the speed depending on the fragility of the works.

The DigiBook DL-Mini scanner can digitize manually and automatically. Designed by 4Digitalbooks and equipped with an i2S camera CopiBook 600 dpi technology), it provides excellent image quality while maintaining productivity levels.

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Image quality

The DIGIBOOK DL-Mini is equipped with a high-resolution i2S camera, the CopiBook 600 dpi


The DIGIBOOK DL-Mini detects double-page spreads in bound books and automatically lifts one page at a time, without missing a page


The DIGIBOOK DL-Mini is equipped with a suction-assisted page turner (patented process) and an air-cushioned book holder.

Image manager DigiBook DL-Mini

Respect for works and productivity

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    Image quality

    In manual or automatic mode, DIGIBOOK DL-Mini offers very high image quality (up to 600 x 600 dpi in 2xA3 format) without reflection, distortion or deformation.
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    DIGIBOOK DL-Mini is also equipped with an auto-centering book holder and size detector. These two automatic systems guarantee optimum productivity with any type of document, such as books, magazines and newspapers.
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    The suction system and the book holder ensure pressure-free handling of the documents and eliminates tension on the binding.
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    DIGIBOOK DL-Mini also scans bound works such as books and magazines (in automatic mode), as well as more unusual documents such as photo albums, stamp albums, notebooks, postcards and manuscripts in manual mode. DIGIBOOK DL-Mini is also suitable for books with flexible or rigid bindings.
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    Format detection takes place automatically, so the scanner adapts the scan parameters to the format of the work.
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    The DL Mini has a non-aggressive lighting system for illuminating the collections to be digitized.
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