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Project background

  • Customer Merck Millipore (Biomedical company developing tools for researchers and laboratories)
  • Fields of application Microbiology
  • Project Development of a bioluminescence detection system • Dedicated software and image processing • Mass production
  • Work performed Medical device for the quantification of microbial contamination of pharmaceutical and food samples, etc.


Customer issue

Our customer wanted to develop a new generation of its product "Miliflex Rapid" which was becoming obsolete, while having equivalent performance and functionality.

Our achievements and its characteristics

We have developed an automated system for the rapid detection of microbial contamination by bioluminescence using a hypersensitive camera. The camera quantifies the light emitted by the microorganisms and the analysis software amplifies it and enumerates the microorganisms or colonies. The associated business software has been ergonomically designed to facilitate the flow in the laboratory.

Benefits of our solution

  • Rapid detection for increased production yield
  • Reliable and reproducible results
  • Detection from a small amount of contaminants (3.2 x10-3 picomoles)

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