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Industrial vision made accessible by solutions tailored to your needs

We use our expertise to help you capture and process images, and reveal the invisible.

For almost 40 years, i2S has been marketing a wide range of standard products from leading brands in industrial vision. We can help you choose products to create fertile conditions for the success of your projects.

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Our standard products

Product range Area Scan Cameras
Area Scan Cameras

Image capture for inspecting products of finite dimensions

Product range Linescan cameras
Linescan cameras

Imaging and measuring products of great dimension or infinite length

Product range 3D cameras
3D cameras

3D image capture solution using Time-of-Flight technology

Product range High Speed Cameras
High Speed Cameras

High speed slow motion cameras dedicated to high-speed image recording

Product range Smart cameras
Smart cameras

All-in-one cameras for image acquisition, processing, and network communication

Product range Surveillance cameras
Surveillance cameras

Network cameras for surveillance and security

Product range Infrared Cameras
Infrared Cameras

Measuring temperatures and monitoring thermal variations

Product range Image Captures
Image Captures

Interface board and frame grabbers

Product range Software

Image processing and video recording software

Product range Optics

Wide range of lenses for production of high quality images

Product range Lightings

LED and fiber optic lighting systems

Product range PC Systems
PC Systems

Embedded vision systems and digital video recorders

Product range Cables

All necessary data, power and I/O cables

Product range Accessories

All kinds of products: filters, power supplies, mounting plates, hubs

Our commitments

Icon State-of-the-art components
State-of-the-art components
i2S selects the best industrial vision components for you. As an institutional partner of major international firms, i2S offers a wide range of high-performance products that integrate the latest technologies and respond to the industry's unique challenges.
Icon Quality services
Quality services
i2S offers a complete range of services to help you find tailored solutions and to support you in the development of your digital vision applications.
Icon A team of experts
A team of experts
i2S boasts a team of experts who are constantly mastering the latest industrial vision techniques and technologies and, more generally, digital imaging. We can therefore offer comprehensive support: from which products to choose to all other aspects needed to ensure the success of your project.
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