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Enhanced vision

Generic or custom application solutions for your OEM products

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We take up your challenges for your future applications

For more than 30 years, we have taken on the challenges you have thrown our way. We have designed and manufactured innovative and custom cameras and optronics systems. Our image capture and processing systems are used in many different sectors: health and cosmetics, manufacturing industries, aerospace, document digitization, etc.

Our goal: to provide you with the vision solution that meets your needs, by integrating optics, cameras, electronics, lighting, calibration, application software, support, etc.

Always at the forefront of imaging technology, i2S is by your side throughout the life cycle of your products, from proof of concept to certification and mass production in our factory.

Our products

Product range Very High Resolution
Very High Resolution

For seeing the smallest details

Product range The invisible
The invisible

Fluorescence or terahertz imaging cameras

Product range Enhanced  Vision
Enhanced Vision

Innovative imaging systems

Our commitments

Icon Let us take on your challenges
Let us take on your challenges
We work with high-tech sectors, developing OEM cameras and optronics systems that are always at the forefront of innovation.
Icon Let's work together
Let's work together
The strategic agreements and alliances we form with world-renowned research laboratories allow us to optimize our technological offering so can meet the challenges of tomorrow.
Icon Place your trust in us
Place your trust in us
By respecting your specifications, we design, manufacture and commercialize solutions for your applications that require specialized practical knowledge and an integrated solution.

Certifications and accreditations

ISO 9001 ISO 13 485
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